Getting there was none of the fun

The worst part of our weekend getaway to Cottonwood was getting there. At least for me. It was not half the fun. It was none of the fun.

Driving something as big as my parents’ motor home had my knuckles white the entire way. Every bump in the road amplified itself as it rolled like a wave through the RV, rattling all its contents. And the rig seemed to create its own source of wind every time the speedometer passed 60 mph. Fortunately, the campground was only about 90 minutes away.

Then, inexplicably, I was relatively relaxed during the drive home. I had apparently learned what to expect when I turned the big steering wheel and hit the gas and the brakes. I was even comfortable enough to get a selfie while stuck for a while in a weekend traffic jam.

I’m driving a kitchen down the road.

Between the two drives, the weekend was quite enjoyable. We did a small amount of hiking, looked through some local antique shops, ate at one of our favorite restaurants, and tried a new one. Mostly, though, we hung out in the campsite and unwound.

An interesting take on chicken and waffles at Crema in Cottonwood.

Sunday, we attended a traditional Latin Mass at a small mission chapel in nearby Clarkdale, where I ended up serving on the altar. The story of how that came to pass deserves its own blog post. Someday.

For now, though, Kathryn and I are getting ready to head out of town yet again. The weather here in Phoenix is just about perfect right now, so to celebrate, we’re going somewhere else for a week.

8 thoughts on “Getting there was none of the fun”

  1. Yes, initial jitters gone! Are there more adventures planned for the RV or are you now considering one of your own?

    I know that I am getting to the age that tent camping just isn’t like as it used to be (as in, as easy or comfortable). Future plans (next couple years) could include a camper up here in WA.

    1. No plans right now. We still like tent camping, but we also enjoyed having the comforts of an RV. My parents have been very generous in letting us use theirs, and we’re grateful. If we were to get one of our own, though, it would probably be something that sleeps only two.

      1. I am thinking something similar, though it wouldn’t likely be an RV but a small trailer. That way it can still disconnected and travel without it.

  2. Sorry the drive was so tense Curt. I know the feeling too. The chicken looks delicious. So glad the rest of your trip was relaxing. Safe and relaxed travels on your next adventure!

    1. Thanks! Their take on the classic chicken and waffles was interesting. The chicken was boneless and battered and the waffle was red velvet. It was quite delicious. Our trip this week is by airplane, which comes with its own set of tensions.

      1. Hmmmm, I’ve never tried chicken with waffles, but the velvet thing sounds good. It’s great you guys are traveling, having fun together! Safe travels!

  3. I know how that feels! Bringing our camper home from the dealer was not unlike this. Now a few trips under my belt have allowed me to relax behind the wheel and take in the scenery while driving. The wind effects are no joke though, and every move on the highway has to be planned out several miles in advance. You’ll have a better time in your next trip… perhaps we can plan something together.

    1. Part of it was realizing I’d be spending much of the time in the right lane going slower than I’m used to. I started focusing more on what the heavy trucks were doing on less on the cars. Yeah, at some point, having the whole family on a trip would be great.

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