Heading home from Massachusetts today

Today is another travel day for Kathryn and me as we fly back to Phoenix after roughly six days in Massachusetts. We’ve almost finished packing, and we’re heading for the airport in about an hour, first returning the rental car, and, with a bit of luck, perhaps leaving enough time for something to eat before we board.

Our breakfast this morning was at the historic Agawam Diner in Rowley, Massachusetts. This place never seems to change, and I mean that in the best possible way.

5 thoughts on “Heading home from Massachusetts today”

    1. Thanks! Yeah, the diner is in the town where Kathryn grew up. It hasn’t changed much since we were kids. It’s even still cash-only.

      1. Wow, cash only in today’s world. I’d love to sample the food. Never been to that state and many others in the northeast. It’s good that some things never change though…

  1. Gosh I miss the old diner. We used to attend First Congregational of Rowley when we lived In Byfield. Many a Sunday Morning was spent in that diner! Did you have the meatloaf and mashed?

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