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Vlog 1: I almost broke my new computer!

As many of you know, I’ve been blogging for an awfully long time. I’m not planning to give up on the written word anytime soon, but I thought I’d take a short break and try some video blogging — vlogging, if you prefer.

For my first vlog post, which I created yesterday morning, I was planning to take a few minutes to introduce myself. Then I nearly broke my new computer before I could even get started. So that became my topic for the day. I’ll save the introduction for another time.

I currently have the video posted on YouTube as “unlisted,” which means it isn’t searchable and doesn’t yet appear on my YouTube channel page. However, you can watch it via the embed above, or via the link in the previous paragraph.

My lovely wife Kathryn has already seen a sneak preview. She said I appeared more comfortable as the video went on. Which surprised me, because I was drenched in sweat by the time I was done. Looking at a camera and speaking for several minutes is not something I’m at all accustomed to.

Kathryn also noticed a couple other interesting things. The first was that I kept shifting my eyes to my right. As far as I can recall, there was nothing interesting to my right. I was probably just hesitant to engage the camera. The other was that my hair looked funny. That’s because I’m way overdue for a haircut. I’ll remedy that this weekend.

After watching several more times, I’m noticing some little things myself. For example, I split the original raw footage into four parts to edit out some long pauses. The transition from the third to the fourth clip seems rather abrupt to me. I’ll need to practice and pay more attention to the small details during the editing process.

Also, I should tidy up the loft before the next video.

I’d like to gather feedback from my longtime blog readers. Are vlog posts like this something you’d like to see more of? I’d also appreciate any suggestions to help me improve future videos, for example …

  • Is this video too long or too short?
  • Am I too close to or too far away from the camera?
  • Is the lighting adequate?
  • Should I leave out my face entirely?

Thanks for watching! Until next time …