It’s raining in Phoenix

In most of the rest of the world, three days of rain in November would be a non-event. Here in Phoenix, it leads the local news.

I got an early start to work this morning because I knew the Phoenix-area freeways would be a mess today. I was not wrong. I should have left even earlier.

Brake lights all around. Arizona State Route 51 southbound at Highland Avenue, Phoenix.

Driving in the rain seems to be a challenge for many Phoenix drivers. To me, it seems all you really need to do is leave some extra room for braking and slow down a bit. Few of my fellow commuters have gotten that message. However, those who did slow down invariably chose to do so in the left lane.

In the end, I made it to work unscathed, although slightly wetter than usual. Living in Phoenix doesn’t justify a substantial investment in rain gear.

5 thoughts on “It’s raining in Phoenix”

  1. It totally poured here overnight Curt, pulled lots of leaves down. Folks on the west coast seem to lack the driving skills we yanks grew up with up north, they just can’t handle driving on a slick surface. Wet or dry, always leave a large space in front of you.

    1. Yeah, I think the same front hit your area just a few hours after it hit ours. Since it passed, it’s just been steady rain here, not particularly heavy.

      When I take my Smith System refreshers, they emphasize leaving four seconds of distance between you and the car in front of you, but more is always better.

      1. More is always better Curt, and I’ll guarantee you that it’s paid off more than twice over the years. Have had some close calls but the extra distance saved the day. It’s still raining here but very lightly too. Have a good day!

    1. Worst traffic I’ve ever had to deal with on a routine basis was when I lived a short while in Northern Virginia. Inside the Beltway, rush hour traffic was brutal. Add an afternoon thunderstorm, and it was a nightmare.

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