8 thoughts on “Cat photo, just because”

      1. That’s good, Curt. We’ve all had to make serious decisions along the way. Be well.

  1. Hi Curt,

    I to have been away for awhile and trying to get back and catching up with my blogging. I love blogging but sometimes life and those internal feelings we struggle with get in the way, at least for me anyway and it is those things I have been struggling with for awhile now plus that ever constant feeling of where do I fit in, where do I go next and how? Somes before I can move forward towards the next thing its hinging on something or soneone else.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Sherry. In my case, fortunately, I’d been deliberating between two paths, both of which are generally good, but good for different reasons. It forced me to spend a lot of time evaluating my priorities.

      1. I think in life there are times we come to cross roads and we need to take the time to evaluate or reevaluate our paths.

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