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The first few days of the rest of my life

In April 2010, I arrived for my first day of work at a local utility company, ready to begin what was supposed to be a nine-month contract to upgrade a Blackberry app. This past week, nearly ten years later, I finally said goodbye.

It was quite a good run, professionally speaking. While it had its ups and downs, I’d do it all over again. Personally, though, it was time for a break.

So what’s next? Well, I’m wasting no time.

Today, I’m leaving for Mexico City. I’ll be there for four weeks to take a Spanish language course. Gaining a better understanding of Spanish has been a long-time desire of mine. Right now seems like an excellent time to do it.

After the Spanish course, I plan to come back to Phoenix, where I’ll start preparing for a walk along the Camino de Santiago. God willing, I’ll to fly to France and begin the pilgrimage shortly after Easter, arriving at Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in late June or early July.

After that? We’ll see.

I’ve been asked if I’m retired. Definitely not.

I’ve been asked when I’ll go back to work. Six to eighteen months is my target. While I’m blessed to have the resources to take some time off, those resources are not infinite.

I’ve been asked whether I’ll stay in the information technology field. Probably, but I’m not ruling anything out.

I’ve been asked what my wife thinks of all this. She’s supportive. I wish she were coming with me.

As is always the case when I travel, I’ll be updating my blog frequently.