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Update for my fellow parishioners

This is a short update for my fellow parishioners in Phoenix. You know who you are.

Before I left for Mexico City, several of you asked whether I planned to see a certain young priest who is well known in our parish and who suffered a serious health setback last year. You know who he is. In the interest of privacy, I don’t want to offer any more details than those.

In an earlier post, I mentioned going to Mass on Monday but didn’t say anything else about it. It turned out that the priest in question was the celebrant. He looked steady and moved around the altar without any assistance, and he spoke clearly — although my Spanish isn’t good enough to have understood much of his sermon. From my point of view, he appeared in much better health than the last time I saw him, when he was in Phoenix for a couple weeks late last year.

After Mass, I had a chance to speak with him for several minutes. Even though we’d only met briefly a couple times and he’d probably never gotten my name, he recognized me right away and welcomed me to Mexico City. He said he’s feeling much better and was in excellent spirits, even joking a bit when I expressed my surprise at hearing a sermon during a weekday Mass.

I realize everything I wrote above is superficial and may not mean much of anything, but in the interest of perhaps bringing some small comfort to someone, I thought I’d share it nonetheless.


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