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Well, that was easy

I’ve been putting off doing laundry since I arrived in Mexico City ten days ago. I packed relatively light for this trip, expecting to find a nearby laundromat where I could wash a small load of clothes every five or six days, perhaps while doing my homework or writing a blog post on my phone. After arriving, though, I discovered there are few coin-operated laundromats in this city, and none nearby. The only way to get laundry done in this barrio is to drop it off somewhere.

The idea that someone else will be doing my laundry for me for the duration of my stay should seem like a good thing. However, I’ve been told the turnaround time at some of the local laundry services can be ridiculously long. One of my housemates was quoted as much as five days at one place. I only brought about a week’s worth of clothing to Mexico.

Today I finally took my dirty clothes — most of which had been worn several times now and were getting pretty ripe — to the nearest laundry service, probably not a hundred yards from the front door of the building I’m staying in. The woman took my laundry bag, weighed it, asked my name, and gave me a ticket with the weight and price. Pretty easy.

I think that’s supposed to be my name.

I think that’s supposed to be my name.

The woman said it’ll be ready tomorrow. We’ll see.

Assuming all goes well, I’ll try to get on a schedule of dropping off a smaller load of laundry twice a week rather than a bigger load of laundry once a week. I don’t want to get down to my last day of clothing and be told I have to wait five days for fresh laundry.