Street food in Mexico City

The first time I was in Mexico City, back in 2018, I had some pretty amazing food. However, I never got a chance to experience the street food for which Mexico City is so rightly famous.

On this trip, I may have overcorrected.

Lunchtime torta. I forget which meat I ordered. The chipotle Fritos were a personal touch I added when I got back to the house.

Almost everywhere I’ve been in Mexico City, I’ve been intoxicated by the delightful smell of food cooking. Sidewalk carts with griddles or even deep fryers seem to be on every corner — often several per corner. Which is a good thing, because when you do find an area without any food cooking, the smells are somewhat less appetizing.

My first day of class, during the break, I ventured to a nearby torta cart, where I watched as they prepared a pollo adobado for me. First, the meat went on the griddle. While it was heating, the cook prepared the bread and started warming it on the griddle too. Then cheese went on top of the meat, followed by onions, tomatoes, and avocado. (I opted out of chilies the first day, but I’ve had them since.) After turning the meat, cheese, and veggie mix for a while, the bottom of the bread came off the griddle, received a thin layer of refried beans, and was then placed on the meat. The whole thing was then inverted with a spatula onto the top of the bread, and heated a little longer on both sides. Finally, the finished sandwich came off the griddle, was wrapped in paper, and was placed in a paper bag for me to take away.

It cost 40 pesos — a little over $2 U.S — making Mexico City a sort of paradise for lovers of cheap eats.

Breakfast torta with chorizo and egg after a night out where I missed a proper dinner. Omg.

Having so quickly found a place nearby that I like, I’ve been back to the same stand several times. Although I now find it easier to wait for lunch until class is over at 2 pm, I’ve also been back for light dinners and even for an early breakfast torta with chorizo and egg.

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  1. Good Lord, that looks delicious! Yes please. And a darn good price too, this seems to put El Pollo Loco here in a bind, price wise. I’m glad you found some good eats, Curt.

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