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Another hour to kill at the airport in Mexico City

After nearly four weeks in Mexico City, I checked out of my room at 3 am in anticipation of my 6 am flight. I figured I’d need about 15 minutes to wait for an Uber, a half-hour for the ride to the airport, and another half-hour for check-in and security, putting me at the gate an hour before the 5:15 am boarding time — a comfortable cushion. Instead, it took two minutes for the Uber, 20 minutes for the ride, and less than ten minutes for check-in and security, putting me at the gate about 45 minutes earlier than planned.

Unfortunately, at 3:30 am, even an airport as busy as this one has few choices for breakfast. I walked almost the entire length of the international terminal before I decided the chocolate chip muffin and coffee I had at 2 am was going to have to tide me over until Dallas. There are some sandwiches available, but I’ve yet to see one without lettuce. I’ve gotten this far without getting sick, and I’m not going to risk it my last two hours in Mexico.

I’d be remiss not to mention how nice the security personnel are here at the airport in Mexico City. Like, really nice. TSA needs to send some of its training officers down here to learn how not to be pricks. Although, to be fair, TSA has gotten slightly better the last few years, to the point where I can almost tolerate them. Part of that, I think, is being enrolled in TSA Pre, which I still oppose in principle but have found to be useful in practice. I’ve never had Dallas as my first point of entry into the United States, so it remains to be seen whether TSA Pre is of any value at international arrivals there. It was worthless in Minneapolis last year when coming back from France.