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Pilgrimage on hold

My planned pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago, which was going to begin less than four weeks from now, is currently on hold. Given the current level of global panic, I don’t think this will come as a surprise to any of you.

I’d been monitoring the situation and taking a day-by-day approach for the past few weeks, but when the airline canceled my scheduled flight to France a few days ago, I decided now was not the time to re-book it. France in particular, and Spain too, are in near-total lockdown mode right now, and they may remain that way for up to a month. Even if I could find my way into those countries, I would be forced to rely almost entirely on the generosity of strangers for lodging and food.

What happens next is uncertain. I’d rather not begin my pilgrimage any later in the spring than April because I don’t want to try to walk across Spain during the hottest part of the summer. However, if there’s an opportunity to start in France in the late summer of this year and finish in Spain in mid-to-late fall, I may consider giving it a try.

Stay tuned.