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Several days of blog silence

Today is the day I was supposed to begin a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella. That is, until a global pandemic got in the way and caused me to postpone the journey. In a strange twist of fate, I’m traveling today anyway, although not for something as joyful as a pilgrimage. My wife’s father passed away on Good Friday. She’s going to Massachusetts to bury him and to tend to his final affairs. I’m going along to be by her side.

Being in the middle of a massive blog overhaul, I’m currently stuck without a way of updating the blog from my phone. The vast majority of the posts on this blog were written from a phone, even ones going all the way back to 2006. I have some ideas on how to post from the phone going forward, and my initial proofs of concept have been quite promising. I need a few more days to get them working, but I’ve decided not to bring a computer with me to Massachusetts. As a result, expect blog silence for at least a week.

I recently created a Facebook page for the blog. I will try to post at least a brief update on the Facebook page once a day while we’re away, just to let everyone know we’re safe.