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Feline Friday at home in Phoenix

Between months of cower-in-place orders and a consulting contract I’m working on from home, I’ve been spending more time than usual with the cat. Kathryn seems to enjoy it when I snap a photo of the cat posing in an unusual spot, especially when she’s not home or still in bed.

It took this photo on Memorial Day. Apparently the cat likes the bird’s-eye view from the bannister, and the jungle-like atmosphere allows her to pretend she’s hiding from us.

A chubby kitty goes on the hunt in a Phoenix jungle.

A chubby kitty goes on the hunt in a Phoenix jungle.

Please note: I’m currently in the process of testing behind-the-scenes blog functionality. There will be more filler posts like this one over the next few days while I work out the remaining bugs. Today I’ll mention the Telegram channel has finally been automated. This post and future posts should appear there almost immediately: https://t.me/GoneAwayBlog. If not, I still have work to do.