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In the nick of time

Three months ago, when Kathryn and I traveled to Massachusetts after the death of her father, I couldn’t post to the blog while I was traveling. I was at a point in the migration project where I had no way of updating the blog except from my desktop computer, which I certainly wasn’t going to drag with me.

As of late last night, that was still true.

I spent almost the entire day yesterday developing a rudimentary admin website that, I hope, will allow me to create blog posts from any computer, including my phone. I did some last minute deployment and debugging early this morning. If you’re reading this message, which I’m writing on my phone, it works!

Right now there are a lot of missing features. For example, the only tag that appears on posts is “Travel” — and only because I hard-coded it. Still, it’s a step in the right direction.

The new web application comes just in the nick of time. Kathryn and I are leaving town later this morning — our first trip together since April. We’re joining two other couples for two nights in a vacation rental outside of Sedona, so we’re not going very far or for very long. We’re not even leaving the state. At least it’ll be a nice break from summer in Phoenix.