2020-Apr-05Milestone in ongoing blog migration
2020-Mar-26Hunger games in the COVID-19 kitchen
2020-Mar-20Third time was the charm for Facebook
2020-Mar-19Blog changes still coming, but still not yet
2020-Mar-17Pilgrimage on hold
2020-Feb-28Ramping up the Camino prep
2020-Feb-22Safely back in the United States
2020-Feb-22Another hour to kill at the airport in Mexico City
2020-Feb-20Embracing the suck
2020-Feb-20Not street tacos in Mexico City
2020-Feb-19Counting down the hours in Mexico City
2020-Feb-16First time for lucha libre in Mexico City
2020-Feb-15¿A qué te dedicas?
2020-Feb-14Street food in Mexico City
2020-Feb-09Two weeks of Spanish classes down, two weeks left in Mexico City
2020-Feb-07Ay ay ay
2020-Feb-05Well, that was easy
2020-Feb-05Watching the Super Bowl in Mexico City
2020-Feb-03A knock on my door in the middle of night
2020-Jan-29Update for my fellow parishioners
2020-Jan-29Cheap beer in Roma, Mexico City
2020-Jan-28Don’t trust Google Maps
2020-Jan-27First day of Spanish classes in Mexico City
2020-Jan-27Arrived in Mexico City
2020-Jan-26The first few days of the rest of my life
2020-Jan-17Blog changes coming, but not yet
2020-Jan-15Cat photo, just because
2019-Dec-24Good tidings of great joy to all of you this Christmas!
2019-Nov-22Sunrise selfie
2019-Nov-20It’s raining in Phoenix
2019-Nov-01Vlog 1: I almost broke my new computer!
2019-Oct-23Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts, view of dunes and ocean from the boardwalk
2019-Oct-22Back to the grind
2019-Oct-21Heading home from Massachusetts today
2019-Oct-19Lighthouse at Cape Elizabeth, Maine
2019-Oct-16We’re off to Massachusetts again
2019-Oct-15Getting there was none of the fun
2019-Oct-11A different kind of road trip this weekend
2019-Oct-08Blog migration successful
2019-Sep-26I just posted a new YouTube video about making breakfast
2019-Sep-24Car is in the shop today, so I’m using public transit
2019-Sep-18Devils Tower, Wyoming
2019-Aug-09Follow-up on the Fediverse … and a travel experiment
2019-Aug-01Getting started with federated social networking
2019-Jun-193:10 to Yuma: Does someone at American Airlines have a sense of humor?
2019-May-28Subtle but shameless promotion finally pays off
2019-May-23Phoenix Sky Harbor is a great airport, especially if you’re hungry
2019-May-23My customary airport rant has been canceled for lack of outrage
2019-May-23Just got home, leaving again
2019-May-15Conventions matter
2019-May-15Food photos from our recent trip to Montpellier
2019-May-13After a long, miserable day of travel, we’re finally home from Montpellier
2019-May-12The long journey home from Montpellier is underway
2019-May-08A hike up Pic Saint-Loup, a short drive from Montpellier
2019-May-07If you’ve ever struggled with the gender of French nouns, take heart!
2019-May-06I’m way behind on my posts, so here’s a brief status update from Montpellier
2019-May-05Another road trip from Montpellier, this one to Sommières
2019-May-04Last-minute road trip to Lourdes for Mass with Cardinal Burke
2019-May-01We’re back in Montpellier after a whirlwind side trip to Lourdes
2019-Apr-30We eventually made it to Lourdes
2019-Apr-30A few photos from Montpellier before hit the road
2019-Apr-29Just a quick status update and a change of plans
2019-Apr-27Arrived safely at our apartment in Montpellier
2019-Apr-27In Paris, waiting for our flight to Montpellier
2019-Apr-26Cookies and our breaking points
2019-Apr-26It’s five o’clock somewhere
2019-Apr-26Bags packed, ready to go
2019-Apr-25Carrying 21 pounds less baggage
2019-Apr-19Our next trip to Montpellier, France, starts next week
2019-Apr-15Notre Dame de Paris during a late evening stroll along the Seine
2019-Apr-13Tax day status and a pet peeve
2019-Apr-10The old and new basilicas of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico City
2019-Apr-05The Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
2019-Apr-04A beautiful Russian Orthodox church in Baden-Baden, Germany
2019-Mar-28A golden sunrise over the metropolitan Phoenix area
2019-Mar-27Saying goodbye and good riddance to tooth number 14
2019-Mar-20Statue of Leif Eriksson in Reykjavik, Iceland
2019-Mar-18Strolling the ramparts of the medieval walled city of Carcassonne, France
2019-Mar-15The sun has not yet risen on the Las Vegas Strip, viewed from Bally’s
2019-Mar-12La Mano rising out of the sand in Punta del Este, Uruguay
2019-Mar-09Earlier this week, I became a 47-year-old altar boy
2019-Mar-08Sharing a quart of beer over Chinese in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
2019-Mar-07Historic Chain Bridge over the Merrimack River, Newburyport, Massachusetts
2019-Mar-06Memento, homo, quia pulvis es, et in púlverem revertéris
2019-Mar-05Cape of Good Hope, viewed from Cape Point in Cape Town, South Africa
2019-Mar-04Fountain at night, Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle, Montpellier, France
2019-Mar-03Bosques de Palermo, Parque 3 de Febrero, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2019-Mar-02Capilla del Rosario, a stunning chapel in the heart of Puebla, Mexico
2019-Mar-01Street scene, vintage car, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
2019-Feb-27The maiden voyage of my parents’ new motor home, Eloy, Arizona
2019-Feb-22And now for something completely different
2019-Feb-20Holiday lights, fountain in the historic center of Montpellier, France
2019-Feb-12It’s been quite a while since I took a sunrise hike in Phoenix
2019-Feb-08Trying something new, Mexican coffee at Tres Leches Café in Phoenix
2019-Jan-18A tasty first order with GrubHub at Caveman Burgers in Phoenix
2019-Jan-02And we’re home from Kentucky
2019-Jan-02We made our connection in Chicago …
2019-Jan-01Flight delayed out of Louisville, prompting a dubious American Airlines “upgrade”
2019-Jan-01I don’t always drink Starbucks. But when I do, I prefer beer.
2018-Dec-28Whoooa, we’re halfway there
2018-Dec-28Starting the trip off right, sort of, with donuts and coffee
2018-Dec-27Think you’ve imagined the perfect New Year’s Eve?
2018-Dec-20I’m going to accept this senior citizen discount without being offended
2018-Dec-18This morning I installed a major upgrade of WordPress
2018-Dec-14For some reason, I created another Instagram account
2018-Nov-18And we’re home again
2018-Nov-17The voyage back to Phoenix is underway
2018-Nov-16Snow! Driving in the white stuff for the first time in years
2018-Nov-14New altar rail at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church in Nashua, New Hampshire
2018-Nov-13The last bit of fall foliage colors in Ipswich, Massachusetts
2018-Nov-12Sunday brunch at Peddler’s Daughter in Nashua, New Hampshire
2018-Nov-10A small brewed coffee “reglah” at Dunkin’ Donuts in Ipswich, Massachusetts
2018-Nov-08A lobster roll with fries at Bob’s Clam Hut in Kittery, Maine
2018-Nov-06Remembering the hot chicken cutlet sub at Salisbury House of Pizza
2018-Nov-03Safely on the ground
2018-Nov-03Seeing a Brioche Dorée in Charlotte while awaiting flight to Manchester
2018-Nov-03Awaiting our departure from Phoenix
2018-Nov-02Getting ready to leave paradise for two weeks
2018-Oct-29Slow cooker Dr. Pepper pork shoulder recipe
2018-Oct-26It pays to have a backup plan or three when travel plans fall through
2018-Oct-13Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast.
2018-Oct-12Safe arrival, nice dinner, and an early morning hike in Cottonwood
2018-Oct-11A very special Cottonwood camping trip starts this afternoon
2018-Oct-04This is most likely the closest I’ll get to Oktoberfest this year
2018-Sep-28Foreign sources, redux
2018-Sep-22Blog comments weren’t working correctly because I misconfigured Jetpack
2018-Sep-21Just a picture of two Sonoran hot dogs from El Güero Canelo, Phoenix
2018-Sep-19Today I learned the word tempura is not Japanese
2018-Sep-09Sunday morning sunrise hike at Pima Canyon in Phoenix
2018-Aug-28A chill evening at Banger Brewing on Fremont Street in Las Vegas
2018-Aug-24Teotihuacan, our day trip from Mexico City in photos
2018-Aug-16A beer keg urinal in the men’s room of Virgil’s Real BBQ, Las Vegas
2018-Aug-14Today is the feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe, patron saint of ham radio
2018-Aug-14A pleasant Sunday lunch at Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas
2018-Aug-13And we’re home from Las Vegas again
2018-Aug-13Leaving Las Vegas
2018-Aug-12Caught in a sudden dust storm on the Las Vegas Strip
2018-Aug-11Early breakfast to start a busy day in Las Vegas
2018-Aug-11Safely arrived in Vegas
2018-Aug-10And we’re off!
2018-Aug-10Donuts in Phoenix before heading out of town this afternoon
2018-Aug-06Statue of Abraham Lincoln in namesake park, Polanco, Mexico City
2018-Aug-03Driving from Puebla back to Mexico City through a mountain hail storm
2018-Aug-02On the road, passing through the mountains between Mexico City and Puebla
2018-Jul-31More photos from another full day exploring Mexico City
2018-Jul-29Home again, again
2018-Jul-28Returning home after an amazing week in Mexico City
2018-Jul-28Capilla del Rosario, Puebla, Mexico
2018-Jul-27The tilma, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico City
2018-Jul-26Photo from Teotihuacan and another quick update
2018-Jul-24Quick update from Mexico City
2018-Jul-23Hua-what? Spotting a Huawei boutique in a posh area of Mexico City
2018-Jul-23A few observations after two days riding the Metro in Mexico City
2018-Jul-23Some photographs from our first full day exploring Mexico City
2018-Jul-22Cheering for Cruz Azul at the famous Estadio Azteca in Mexico City
2018-Jul-21Arrived at our hotel
2018-Jul-21Preboarded for Mexico City
2018-Jul-21Pilgrimage underway
2018-Jul-17Creating a account without creating a new blog
2018-Jul-17Immaculate Conception, Newburyport
2018-Jul-14Some thoughts about spending money while traveling abroad
2018-Jul-11The main altar of La Madeleine, Paris, just before a weekday Mass
2018-Jul-02Mexico City pilgrimage planning, getting to know our fellow pilgrims
2018-Jun-22Three weeks ago, everything went sideways
2018-May-16Blessed to be called as godparents for another baptism
2018-May-05Surprisingly, a sunrise hike in Phoenix never gets old for me
2018-May-02Trump Derangement Syndrome is real and undeniable
2018-Apr-30WordPress migration to Amazon EC2 complete
2018-Apr-25Blog hosting woes
2018-Apr-04Having another look at the Salisbury Beach boardwalk
2018-Apr-04We’re home from New England
2018-Apr-04Nearly empty flight
2018-Apr-03Flight delay at Boston Logan
2018-Apr-01Eating our way through a busy first day in New England
2018-Mar-28Heading back east for a last-minute visit over Easter weekend
2018-Mar-07A long, beautiful weekend at Cholla Campground by Roosevelt Lake
2018-Mar-06Quick status update after our recent camping trip
2018-Mar-02Enjoying a quiet weekend of camping at Roosevelt Lake
2018-Feb-26Last photos of the border wall at Calexico near Gran Plaza Outlets
2018-Feb-21Taking a break for Café Bustelo at Gila Blend inside a casino
2018-Feb-15Camping with a fake but pretty propane fireplace
2018-Feb-14Repent! Remember, man, that thou art dust
2018-Feb-13Just a random sunrise photo from Shaw Butte in Phoenix
2018-Feb-12Hockey and Popeyes, recent news items out of Montpellier
2018-Feb-06Sunrise over Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Cottonwood
2018-Feb-04A perfect weekend with no television, camping in Cottonwood
2018-Feb-02Fortune Garden, Chinese restaurant in El Centro
2018-Jan-05Only six weeks later, we’re on the road again to Yuma
2018-Jan-04More Chinese food in Mexicali at Restaurante Dragon
2017-Nov-27And we’re home
2017-Nov-26Making a run for it, back in the United States
2017-Nov-26Baseball in Mexicali, a lively evening of winter league action
2017-Nov-26Earthquake instructions and baseball in Mexicali
2017-Nov-25Laguna Azul, tasty, unpretentious seafood in Mexicali
2017-Nov-24Mexicali road trip update
2017-Oct-23Home, sweet home
2017-Oct-23A cortado almost makes it worth the trouble
2017-Oct-22Patiently mingling with the unwashed masses in Miami
2017-Oct-22Quick update on the way out of Key West
2017-Oct-21Reaching Key West through the aftermath of a hurricane
2017-Oct-21Somewhere in southern Florida, grabbing a bite
2017-Oct-20Waiting in Montevideo for a flight to Miami
2017-Oct-19Photographs from Punta del Este, Uruguay
2017-Oct-19Value-added tax refund scheme for foreigners in Uruguay
2017-Oct-18On the bus back to Montevideo, Uruguay
2017-Oct-18A rainy day in Punta del Este, Uruguay
2017-Oct-17Driving along the Uruguayan coast, Punta del Este to Jose Ignacio
2017-Oct-16A few photographs from Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
2017-Oct-16Dining in South America: Would you mind sitting by the window?
2017-Oct-15Southernmost point in our journeys, Punta del Este, Uruguay
2017-Oct-15Arrived at our apartment in Punta del Este, Uruguay
2017-Oct-14Waiting for a bus, onward to Punta del Este
2017-Oct-13Safely arrived in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
2017-Oct-13Aboard the ferry to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
2017-Oct-13Last meal in Argentina
2017-Oct-12Riding without tickets in Buenos Aires
2017-Oct-12Photographs from yesterday in Buenos Aires, Argentina
2017-Oct-11After the ferry from Uruguay, first morning in Buenos Aires
2017-Oct-10Taking the bus-ferry combo from Montevideo to Buenos Aires
2017-Oct-08Montevideo, our first day of sightseeing in photographs
2017-Oct-08Lunchtime protein orgy at the Montevideo Port Market
2017-Oct-07Arrived in the Ciudad Vieja of Montevideo
2017-Oct-07Finally aboard
2017-Oct-07Temporary stay
2017-Oct-07Chilling in Miami
2017-Oct-06Another upgrade story
2017-Oct-06TSA: one’s dignity is a small price to pay for fascism
2017-Oct-02Update on where we’re not
2017-Sep-03A demanding Labor Day weekend in Ahwatukee
2017-Aug-30Old City Hall, an architectural landmark in Richmond, Virginia
2017-Aug-23The peaceful Trump event last night in Phoenix
2017-Aug-03Thirteen relatively short years for me in Arizona
2017-Aug-02Hertz, fool me four times, I won’t get fooled again
2017-Jul-31Back in the 602
2017-Jul-30Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Waterloo, Illinois
2017-Jul-29Make your own bed at Crowne Plaza St. Louis Airport
2017-Jul-29Can you spot the mistake on this sign at El Bravo, Sky Harbor?
2017-Jul-28Purchasing a first-class upgrade comes with a catch
2017-Jul-28New phone yet again
2017-Jul-24Bronze matador statue in front of the arena in Nîmes
2017-Jul-15El Cosmico: Three nights of almost glamping in Marfa, Texas
2017-Jul-07Prada Marfa is not a Prada and not in Marfa
2017-Jul-03Yes, I was at the ZeroHedge symposium in Marfa, Texas
2017-Jun-23Alone in a strange place, wondering if I’m crazy
2017-Jun-18On my way home
2017-Jun-18Still going well in Mysteryville
2017-Jun-17Brief update from wherever I am
2017-Jun-16Rise and shine, a gorgeous Friday morning
2017-Jun-15Safely at destination
2017-Jun-15Halfway point
2017-Jun-15Leaving the comfort zone for a mystery road trip
2017-Jun-09Sometimes one language isn’t enough
2017-Jun-07Follow-up on my REI rant from last week
2017-Jun-03Aigues-Mortes walled city from the ramparts
2017-Jun-02REI gun policy: Several tough questions and one easy answer
2017-Jun-01Suggestions for naming Signal groups
2017-May-28McDonald’s outdoor seating, Place de la Comédie, Montpellier
2017-May-27Tourists with a selfie stick, Ville Basse, Luxembourg
2017-May-19Thomas Jefferson, Architect of Liberty, Virginia State Capitol
2017-May-17An empty pay phone bank at The Venetian, Las Vegas
2017-May-17Lazy afternoon by the pool at The Orleans in Las Vegas
2017-May-15Home, sweet home
2017-May-14Lunch break at In-N-Out in Kingman
2017-May-14Sunday morning in sunny Las Vegas
2017-May-13View of the Las Vegas Strip from about two miles away
2017-May-12Yet another weekend road trip to Las Vegas
2017-May-11Virginia State Capitol
2017-May-02Platform of the train station, Sète, France, on a hazy afternoon
2017-Apr-29In Tucson area today
2017-Apr-20Excellent customer service at McDonald’s
2017-Apr-13Smith System driving course: Is it worth your time? Trust me, it is.
2017-Apr-07Marquee above the Byrd Theatre in the evening
2017-Apr-04We’re home
2017-Apr-03Airport delay
2017-Apr-03Coffee roasting infusion
2017-Apr-03A peek inside the Byrd Theatre, Richmond
2017-Apr-02Thus concludes the festival
2017-Apr-02Brief encounter with Marianne Denicourt at the French Film Festival reception
2017-Apr-01The end of a great first full day in Richmond
2017-Mar-31Nightcap of Legend Brown, first night in Richmond
2017-Mar-31Au nom de ma fille
2017-Mar-30Dinner and eggs
2017-Mar-30Afternoon in Richmond
2017-Mar-30Connection made in Charlotte
2017-Mar-30Boarding soon
2017-Mar-29This weekend: French Film Festival in Richmond
2017-Mar-13Sunday morning hike at Shaw Butte, Phoenix
2017-Mar-07Best hockey match this season … in Montpellier?
2017-Mar-05Back from camping
2017-Mar-05Verde Cafe, Camp Verde
2017-Mar-05Pizzeria Bocce, our Saturday dinner ritual in Cottonwood
2017-Mar-04Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Cottonwood
2017-Mar-04Lunch at Hog Wild BBQ, Cottonwood
2017-Mar-04Cottonwood camping trip underway
2017-Feb-22TSA allows passengers through checkpoint without screening
2017-Feb-18Mexican border formalities, San Luis and Los Algodones
2017-Feb-10And so it begins
2017-Feb-07What do they drink for beer in Mexicali?
2017-Feb-04Why Mexicali?
2017-Jan-30Safe return
2017-Jan-30Love’s Travel Stop, Gila Bend, Arizona
2017-Jan-30Yuma, Arizona
2017-Jan-29Migración, Los Algodones
2017-Jan-29Restaurante China House, Mexicali
2017-Jan-29Chinese Pagoda, Mexicali
2017-Jan-29Sunday Mass, Catedral Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Mexicali
2017-Jan-29El Rincón de Panchito, Mexicali
2017-Jan-28Hotel Lucerna, Mexicali
2017-Jan-28Inmaculada Concepción, San Luis Río Colorado
2017-Jan-28Road trip, Mexico edition
2017-Jan-27Believable typo: French obesity
2017-Jan-11Dining like royalty, Prince Harry’s favorite pizza in Gila Bend
2016-Dec-21Eye in the sky on the street
2016-Dec-20What’s wrong with this photo?
2016-Dec-19White Christmas at Wynn
2016-Dec-19Home again
2016-Dec-18On the way home
2016-Dec-18Sambalatte at Monte Carlo, Las Vegas
2016-Dec-17You stay classy, Las Vegas
2016-Dec-17Desert rain
2016-Dec-16Weekend before Christmas tradition
2016-Dec-05Would encryption have changed the election?
2016-Oct-27People watching during a three-hour happy hour in Montpellier
2016-Oct-24Back in Phoenix
2016-Oct-23Homeward bound
2016-Oct-22Enjoying sushi in Las Vegas, at Takashi in Chinatown
2016-Oct-19Roulez tout doux!
2016-Oct-12Don Camillo, my new favorite pizzeria in Montpellier
2016-Oct-11T.K. Maxx?
2016-Oct-10Safely home in Phoenix
2016-Oct-09Delta missed connection in Minneapolis
2016-Oct-09Delta still on ground in Paris
2016-Oct-09Delta ground delay in Paris
2016-Oct-09Delta uncertain boarding in Paris
2016-Oct-08Friday in the City of Lights
2016-Oct-07Reims Cathedral from a distance
2016-Oct-07Last morning in Reims
2016-Oct-06France’s most courteous McDonald’s order-taker
2016-Oct-06Clean laundry and an Asian buffet with frog’s legs in Reims
2016-Oct-06Vespers and Mass at the grand and imposing Cathedral in Reims
2016-Oct-05Another rest stop somewhere in France
2016-Oct-05Rest stop in Belgium
2016-Oct-03General Patton grave at the American cemetery in Luxembourg
2016-Oct-02St. Joan of Arc, Domrémy-la-Pucelle
2016-Oct-01Safely arrived in Luxembourg
2016-Oct-01Early lunch stop short of Lyon
2016-Oct-01Late breakfast stop near Lunel
2016-Oct-01Road trip from Montpellier to Luxembourg
2016-Sep-29Enjoying the view from the top of Mont Saint-Clair, Sète
2016-Sep-27Cassoulet languedocien, enjoying a hearty lunch in Carcassonne
2016-Sep-24Hockey in Montpellier, the first French match I’ve attended
2016-Sep-24Train ride to Carcassonne
2016-Sep-22Happy hour drinks at Le Tire Bouchon, Montpellier
2016-Sep-21First day of class at French school in Montpellier
2016-Sep-20La sauce “ranch”
2016-Sep-19Visiting the Musée Fabre in Montpellier for free
2016-Sep-18Sunday Mass at Cathedrale St. Pierre in Montpellier
2016-Sep-18Rooftop view, Montpellier
2016-Sep-17Safe and timely arrival in Montpellier
2016-Sep-16Delta timely connection in Salt Lake City
2016-Sep-16Chariot awaits in Phoenix
2016-Sep-16Credit where due at Sky Harbor, particularly to TSA
2016-Aug-17Guns ‘n Roses
2016-Aug-17Mea culpa
2016-Aug-16Seeing my first Guns ‘n Roses concert
2016-Aug-01Rising early in Las Vegas
2016-Jul-31Again, we’re safely home in Phoenix
2016-Jul-31Street scene
2016-Jul-30Under the sea
2016-Jul-30Safely arrived at our hotel
2016-Jul-30Quick stop for fuel in Kingman
2016-Jul-29Another Vegas road trip
2016-Jul-19Melania Trump
2016-Jul-15KK1B Straight Key
2016-Jul-13Golden Nugget, Las Vegas
2016-Jun-15Foreign sources
2016-Jun-06Enjoying our last deep-fried Oreos at Mermaids in Las Vegas
2016-Jun-06Safely back in Phoenix
2016-Jun-05Having a cold soda at a McDonald’s in Kingman
2016-Jun-04Safely arrived in Las Vegas and checked into our hotel
2016-Jun-03Road trip is officially underway
2016-Jun-03Interrupting over four months of blog silence
2016-Jan-18Home in time for a quick lunch and a shower
2016-Jan-17Passing through Atlanta Hartsfield en route home
2016-Jan-16Waiting for our very long flight back to the United States
2016-Jan-16Nelson Mandela statue
2016-Jan-14Gun-free area
2016-Jan-14Maropeng Visitor Center, the Cradle of Humankind
2016-Jan-13A trip to the barber shop in Johannesburg
2016-Jan-12The drive back to Johannesburg from Kruger National Park
2016-Jan-11Avoiding a baboon in Kruger National Park
2016-Jan-10Warthog family
2016-Jan-10Light rain and morning coffee in Kruger National Park
2016-Jan-09Rhino! Spotted in the Kruger
2016-Jan-09Already spotted two hyenas feasting on a zebra carcass
2016-Jan-09Morning coffee and twilight over the Sabie River
2016-Jan-08Monkey warning
2016-Jan-08Each new day surpasses the last in Kruger National Park
2016-Jan-08Overnight dust storm
2016-Jan-07Chalette in Kruger
2016-Jan-07Enjoying my first morning coffee in Kruger National Park
2016-Jan-06Arrived at our camp in Kruger National Park
2016-Jan-06Breakfast in Dullstroom
2016-Jan-05Iconic signpost atop Cape Point, Cape Town, South Africa
2016-Jan-05The Heads, Knysna
2016-Jan-05Arrival in Johannesburg, dinner of pizza and wine
2016-Jan-04George Airport, waiting for flight to Johannesburg
2016-Jan-04Horseback riding on a game reserve in South Africa
2016-Jan-04Traditional Afrikaans lunch
2016-Jan-03Swimming in the Indian Ocean for the first time
2016-Jan-03A quiet Sunday morning in Glentana, South Africa
2016-Jan-03Waking up each morning with a view of the Indian Ocean
2016-Jan-02Walking elephants
2016-Jan-01When you see the Southern Cross for the first time
2016-Jan-01Springbok sighted during our horseback ride at Botlierskop
2016-Jan-01Mossel Bay
2015-Dec-31Happy New Year 2016!
2015-Dec-31Arrived in Glentana
2015-Dec-31Blue Crane Farmstand on our way from Cape Town to Glentana
2015-Dec-31En route to Glentana, stopped for lunch
2015-Dec-30Laborie vineyards near Paarl, South Africa
2015-Dec-30Note to self on a wine tasting tour
2015-Dec-30Franschhoek, wine country
2015-Dec-30Beware of the wheel clamping zone at the V&A Waterfront
2015-Dec-30Cape Town
2015-Dec-30Cliffs at Cape Point, South Africa, looking south
2015-Dec-29Cape Wheel at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town
2015-Dec-29Plugged in
2015-Dec-29A penguin colony in Cape Town, South Africa
2015-Dec-29Cape of Good Hope
2015-Dec-27Arrived in Cape Town
2015-Dec-26Arrived in Johannesburg
2015-Dec-25Took our seats
2015-Dec-25Waiting in Atlanta
2015-Dec-25On the ground in Atlanta
2015-Dec-25Airport quiet, flight packed
2015-Dec-25Sky Harbor arrival
2015-Dec-21Enjoying a gorgeous sunrise at Shaw Butte in Phoenix
2015-Dec-14Smartphone migration
2015-Nov-22Install Signal on your smartphone now!
2015-Nov-17St. Michael the Archangel
2015-Oct-12St. Francis of Assisi
2015-Oct-10Yet another beautiful morning in Cottonwood
2015-Sep-29Back in Phoenix
2015-Sep-28Passing through Charlotte
2015-Sep-28Papal screening
2015-Sep-27Holy Communion
2015-Sep-27Arrived at Papal Mass
2015-Sep-27Nearing the checkpoint
2015-Sep-27Sea of humanity
2015-Sep-27All aboard to Philadelphia
2015-Sep-27Papal Traffic
2015-Sep-27Philadelphia pilgrimage underway
2015-Sep-25Relaxing in Bethlehem
2015-Sep-24Arrived in Bethlehem
2015-Sep-24Lunch in Charlotte
2015-Sep-24Waiting for flight
2015-Sep-21Saturday road trip in Arizona
2015-Sep-20Home again
2015-Sep-19Saturday road trip
2015-Sep-18Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá
2015-Sep-04IKEA: A weapons-free environment or just an illusion?
2015-Aug-28Something beautiful
2015-Aug-14Is Virgin Mobile down?
2015-Aug-12Uber first experiences
2015-Aug-09Uber referral code?
2015-Aug-02Safely home
2015-Aug-02On the way home
2015-Aug-01Safely arrived
2015-Jul-31On the road again
2015-Jul-24Made in the USA
2015-Jul-23Sauce Samouraï: “Why have you hidden this from me?”
2015-Jul-17Place de la Comédie, Montpellier, a winter stroll after dark
2015-Jun-12Tyranny’s Steadfast Ally
2015-Apr-22TSA Precheck: Prove to us you’re no threat
2015-Apr-22Waiting on an arrival at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Terminal 4
2015-Apr-18Williams, Arizona
2015-Feb-15Another beautiful morning
2015-Feb-14Slow connection
2015-Feb-14Camping in Cottonwood
2015-Feb-02Beat the snow
2015-Feb-02Safely home
2015-Feb-01Sort of almost home
2015-Feb-01Strategic placement of duty free
2015-Feb-01On our way home
2015-Jan-31Last full day in France
2015-Jan-30Panorama of the Arena at Nîmes
2015-Jan-30Palace of the Popes
2015-Jan-30Driving around the south of France
2015-Jan-29Pont du Gard
2015-Jan-29Made in the USA
2015-Jan-27Sailboats in the harbor at La Grande Motte, France
2015-Jan-25Lovely first day
2015-Jan-24At our apartment
2015-Jan-24To my fellow countrymen: Who lives in a police state?
2015-Jan-24Connection made
2015-Jan-24Aboard first flight
2015-Jan-23Cleared security checkpoint
2015-Jan-23Bags are packed
2015-Jan-19Friends and family registration
2015-Jan-19Super Bowl alternative
2015-Jan-01New year, new blog
2014-Dec-21Sunrise from Shaw Butte, Phoenix
2014-Dec-14Camping at Roosevelt Lake, Arizona
2013-Feb-02Assumption of the Blessed Virgin at Chartres
2013-Feb-02Safely home from Paris
2013-Feb-02The coast of Greenland from 38,000 feet
2013-Jan-25Once in a lifetime, alone in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles
2013-Jan-24Regional words and fat Frenchmen
2013-Jan-23Eiffel Tower in the fog
2013-Jan-20Safe arrival in Paris
2013-Jan-19Latest adventure underway
2012-Aug-10Hiking along Horton Creek Trail
2012-Jul-20Taking a cruise along the Na Pali Coast of Kauai, Hawaii
2012-Jun-17Gordon Ramsay Steak, Las Vegas
2012-Jun-15Another Las Vegas road trip
2012-Jun-04Southwest go-around
2012-May-31Bucket list
2012-May-25Memorial Day travels
2012-May-15Travel bloggers and freebies
2012-May-13Mother’s Day recognition
2012-May-02How to order coffee at McDonald’s in Phoenix
2012-Apr-24Another beautiful morning in Phoenix
2012-Apr-23The slightly less famous Arc de Triomphe in Montpellier
2012-Apr-17St. Mary’s Basilica in Phoenix
2012-Apr-13Additional tips for hiking
2012-Apr-11Maison Carrée in Nîmes on a beautiful, clear day
2012-Apr-10Reflections from the friendly skies
2012-Apr-10Two cherubs in Brussels
2012-Mar-23Rental car nightmare
2012-Mar-22Observations from Sky Harbor
2012-Mar-22When a flight delay works in your favor
2012-Mar-20Florida bound later this week
2012-Mar-13Afternoon in Sète
2012-Mar-10Metro in Rome
2012-Feb-25Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris
2012-Feb-23Hacker-Pschorr tent at Oktoberfest in Munich
2012-Feb-18Notre Dame de Paris at night
2012-Feb-13A one-day road trip to the Cannes Film Festival
2012-Feb-10Sun Voyager sculpture in Reykjavik, photo opportunity in Iceland
2012-Feb-09Pont du Gard, Roman aqueduct bridge from the 1st century A.D.
2012-Feb-08Baby’s first bath
2012-Jan-26My first sports wager
2012-Jan-25Nora’s Cuisine
2012-Jan-21Odd start to the day in Las Vegas
2012-Jan-20Safe arrival in Las Vegas
2012-Jan-12Going places: January edition
2011-Dec-29Two easy ways to see the Pope in Rome
2011-Dec-29More photos from Shaw Butte
2011-Dec-28Smog cloud over Phoenix
2011-Dec-24Last day in Las Vegas
2011-Dec-18Eating and relaxing in Las Vegas
2011-Dec-17New day in Las Vegas
2011-Dec-17Dazzo’s in Wikieup, Chicago hot dogs halfway from Phoenix to Las Vegas
2011-Dec-16Las Vegas road trip status update
2011-Dec-16Road trip to Las Vegas appears to be happening
2011-Dec-08Kuba Kuba in Richmond
2011-Nov-28Richmond, Virginia: Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
2011-Nov-26Richmond, Virginia: Splurge at the Jefferson Hotel
2011-Nov-22I usually pack shoelaces
2011-Nov-19Bottoms Up Pizza, a tasteful double entendre in Richmond
2011-Nov-19Seeing Virginia again for the first time
2011-Nov-07Going places: November edition
2011-Oct-28Sunday Mass at the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta
2011-Oct-21Puerto Vallarta: Running the gauntlet at the airport
2011-Oct-17Puerto Vallarta: Getting around by bus
2011-Oct-16Safely home from Mexico
2011-Oct-16Puerto Vallarta: Day trip to Sayulita
2011-Oct-13Puerto Vallarta: Much ado about nothing
2011-Oct-13Puerto Vallarta: Still awaiting Juvo
2011-Oct-10Puerto Vallarta: Weathering the storm
2011-Oct-03Going places: October edition
2011-Sep-29Making a long overdue confession at St. Peter’s Basilica
2011-Sep-24The opposite of a travel photo
2011-Sep-23The healthier lunch hour
2011-Sep-23Learning a language
2011-Sep-21Incomparable sunrise at Shaw Butte
2011-Sep-20Wasted opportunity
2011-Sep-19Another beautiful morning
2011-Sep-17Favorite Phoenix urban hikes: The Loop at Shaw Butte
2011-Aug-28Germany: Any reason to celebrate in Monheim am Rhein, Cologne, and Düsseldorf
2011-Aug-25Mission San Xavier del Bac, the White Dove of the Desert near Tucson
2011-Aug-24Sonoran hot dogs at El Guero Canelo in Tucson
2011-Aug-20Things you probably don’t know about me
2011-Aug-18On tipping: Servers and housekeepers
2011-Aug-16Is it Jesus Mary Joseph or World Youth Day?
2011-Aug-13Montpellier, France: Donating blood at the Place de la Comédie
2011-Aug-05Three simple rules for traveling
2011-Aug-02The English woman on the train from Ljubljana to Salzburg
2011-Jul-14St. Mary’s Basilica in Krakow
2011-May-27Finding the hidden, secret pizza joint on the Las Vegas Strip
2011-Apr-06You are Peter, and upon this rock I build my church: St. Peter’s
2011-Mar-28General Audience with Pope Benedict XVI
2011-Mar-27Apologies for the long delay
2011-Mar-03False start: Who needs money?
2011-Mar-03Dealing with airfare for a multi-city itinerary
2011-Mar-03Packing carefully: Is one suitcase enough?
2009-Aug-29Sunday Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
2009-Aug-24Great day in Los Angeles
2009-Aug-24Pilgrimage to the City of the Angels (1/3)
2008-May-30Home from New York City and then gone again to Portland, Oregon
2007-Nov-29Snow! Business trip in Denver, Colorado
2007-Oct-15Frequently asked questions about our road trip in Europe
2007-Oct-10Back in Phoenix
2007-Sep-25Oktoberfest, BMW, Rothenburg, Baden-Baden, Eiffel Tower
2007-Sep-22Safely in Munich
2007-Sep-22One time zone down, eight to go
2007-Sep-21Eventful start
2007-Sep-20Long overdue post
2007-Mar-13Arizona road trip: Tonto Natural Bridge, Strawberry, Jerome
2007-Feb-19Day getaway by small plane to Sedona, Arizona
2007-Feb-09Celine Dion in Las Vegas
2006-Dec-24Drinking in Pasadena, redux
2006-Dec-06Vegas revue: Bally’s, Fremont Street, and Les Folies Bergeres
2006-Dec-02Last-minute solo getaway to Las Vegas
2006-Nov-19Aviation news
2006-Sep-25Feeling pretty stupid about my camera
2006-Aug-29Drinking in Pasadena
2006-Aug-24Delay in follow-up
2006-Aug-17Long story short, I’m home
2006-Aug-16All journeys end
2006-Aug-14Waiting for a flight
2006-Aug-13The prettiest pint of Guinness ever at the Guinness Storehouse
2006-Aug-13Bushmills Distillery, enjoying a tour and a glass of whiskey
2006-Aug-12Another quick update from Ireland
2006-Aug-11Northern Ireland
2006-Aug-10Pub stop in Ireland
2006-Aug-09German women, French language, Chinese food
2006-Aug-08One night in Munich: Posh restaurants and English Gardens
2006-Aug-07Munich: Bavarian beer
2006-Aug-07Weekend in Eisenstadt, Austria, and Bratislava, Slovakia
2006-Aug-06Underground in Austria
2006-Aug-03Arrival and beer drinking in Linz, Austria
2006-Aug-01Great steak dinner in Ljubljana, Slovenia
2006-Aug-01Sightseeing and comfortable weather in Ljubljana, Slovenia
2006-Jul-31Croatian beer: Ožjusko and Karlovačko
2006-Jul-31Another night in Zagreb
2006-Jul-29Spoke too soon
2006-Jul-29Hottest day yet?
2006-Jul-29After several days, appetite returns in Split, Croatia
2006-Jul-28Another day at the beach
2006-Jul-26Arriving and finding accommodation in Split, Croatia
2006-Jul-26Train ride from Zagreb to Split, Croatia
2006-Jul-26Overnight in Zagreb
2006-Jul-24Punchline on the beer
2006-Jul-24Cheerful mood in Budapest
2006-Jul-22Splurge in Budapest
2006-Jul-20Arbeit macht frei: Day trip to the Auschwitz concentration camps
2006-Jul-19Polish beer
2006-Jul-19Improvising to deal with language issues in Poland
2006-Jul-18Warsaw, Poland: Local currency, done with camping
2006-Jul-17First glance at Warsaw
2006-Jul-17Border crossing, en route to Warsaw, Poland
2006-Jul-17Berlin Hauptbahnhof
2006-Jul-17Berlin, Germany: Keeping properly hydrated
2006-Jul-16Shout out
2006-Jul-16Beer in Denmark
2006-Jul-15More Copenhagen
2006-Jul-14Danish beer: Carlsberg and Jacobsen at the brewery in Copenhagen
2006-Jul-13Clean laundry at last
2006-Jul-12On the rails
2006-Jul-11More Amsterdam, more rain
2006-Jul-10Amsterdam: Arrival and camping
2006-Jul-08Docked in Holland
2006-Jul-08Taking the Stena HSS Discovery from Harwich, England, to Hoek von Holland
2006-Jul-08London, part two
2006-Jul-08London, part one
2006-Jul-06Sunburn after three days in a place called Iceland, Blue Lagoon
2006-Jul-05Sun finally appears at almost midnight in Iceland
2006-Jul-05I’m still in Reykjavik, Iceland, and it’s still raining
2006-Jul-04First glance at Iceland
2006-Jul-04Safe and well
2006-Jul-03Quick follow up
2006-Jul-02Summer fun begins
2006-Jun-18Preparing for my summer fun in Europe
2006-Apr-22Feedback from a correspondent about Odyssea in Montpellier
2006-Feb-21Day trip south of the border to Nogales, Mexico
2004-Nov-01Letter from … Hungary?
2004-Oct-06Update from Dresden
2004-Oct-05Letter from Stuttgart
2004-Sep-23Letter from Montpellier
2004-Sep-15Letter from Madrid
1994-Jul-31En route to Annecy, France
1994-Jul-31Journal Update
1994-Jul-27En route to Annecy, France
1994-Jul-26En route to Annecy, France
1994-Jul-26Heidelberg, Germany
1994-Jul-25Heidelberg, Germany
1994-Jul-25Zürich and Lugano, Switzerland
1994-Jul-24Zürich and Lugano, Switzerland
1994-Jul-24Bregenz, Austria
1994-Jul-23Bregenz, Austria
1994-Jul-23En route to Bregenz
1994-Jul-23En route to Bregenz
1994-Jul-23En route to Bregenz
1994-Jul-23Prague, Czech Republic
1994-Jul-22Prague, Czech Republic
1994-Jul-22En route to Prague
1994-Jul-21En route to Prague
1994-Jul-21Munich, Germany
1994-Jul-21En route to Munich
1994-Jul-21Mutters, Tyrolia, Austria
1994-Jul-20Mutters, Tyrolia, Austria
1994-Jul-20Mutters, Tyrolia, Austria
1994-Jul-19Mutters, Tyrolia, Austria
1994-Jul-19Salzburg, Austria
1994-Jul-19Journal Update
1994-Jul-18Salzburg, Austria
1994-Jul-17Salzburg, Austria
1994-Jul-17Vienna, Austria
1994-Jul-17Journal Update
1994-Jul-16Spending a Saturday exploring tourist attractions in Vienna
1994-Jul-15Arriving in Vienna with neither hotel reservation nor money
1994-Jul-15First use of our Eurail passes, Paris to Vienna in one day
1994-Jul-14Paris on Bastille Day, German tanks on the Champs-Elysées
1994-Jul-13Paris, visiting the sewer museum instead of the Eiffel Tower
1994-Jul-13Sitting on park bench near the Eiffel Tower, waiting for my fiancée
1994-Jul-12Meeting a former classmate at Parc Monceau, Paris
1994-Jul-11Purchasing the Carte Orange week-long Metro pass, Paris
1994-Jul-10Balmy afternoon at the Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris
1994-Jul-09An afternoon of anticipation walking around Paris
1994-Jul-09Not unlike Rousseau, enjoying my solitary walks in Paris
1994-Jul-08Re-familiarizing myself with the Right Bank of Paris
1994-Jul-08Early morning arrival at Charles de Gaulle, Paris