Getting there was none of the fun

The worst part of our weekend getaway to Cottonwood was getting there. At least for me. It was not half the fun. It was none of the fun. Driving something as big as my parents’ motor home had my knuckles white the entire way. Every bump in the road amplified itself as it rolled like … Continue reading Getting there was none of the fun

Earlier this week, I became a 47-year-old altar boy

Back around Christmastime, the priests at our parish started running announcements in the weekly bulletin, asking all males of any age to prayerfully consider becoming altar servers. Altar servers were in short supply, particularly for the weekday Masses.

From time to time, I attend the 6:30 am Mass before heading to work, and I’d witnessed the altar server shortage on a number of occasions. In fact, not too long ago, there was no altar server available twice in the same week.