Milestone in ongoing blog migration

I’ve recently published a new post on the Gone Away blog. The site is moving away from the WordPress platform, so please click the link above to read the entire post. Here’s a brief summary:

After months of working on-and-off on the transition to a new blog framework, I’ve finally hit an important milestone. Starting this morning, every post on Gone Away is being generated statically by Hugo — or at least it should be. The only page that should still be generated by WordPress is the home page. When I’ve finished figuring out exactly how it’ll look, I’ll migrate it too. For me, the most fun and interesting new feature since my last update is the introduction of the journeys taxonomy.

WordPress migration to Amazon EC2 complete

During the day Saturday, I spent a few more hours off-and-on continuing the migration of this self-hosted WordPress blog to Amazon EC2. By dinner time, I was able to throw the switch, so to speak, reassociating the domain name with its new name servers. Because of the way name servers cache lookups, it would … Continue reading WordPress migration to Amazon EC2 complete