Once in a lifetime, alone in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles

If you’ve ever been to the Palace of Versailles, you know what a tourist attraction it is. If you’ve never been, take my word for it. Even on a cloudy, drizzly winter day like yesterday, when the park and gardens were closed and only the palace itself was open to the public, there were dozens of tour buses parked in front of the palace. Getting a photo without other people in it is nearly impossible. So it was somewhat remarkable that, for a few brief moments, Kathryn and I ended up in the Hall of Mirrors, the highlight of the tour, by ourselves.

Regional words and fat Frenchmen

It turns out that Angelina, the venerable tea room on rue de Rivoli in Paris, has an outpost at the Palace of Versailles. Kathryn and I found ourselves there earlier today, enjoying a snack of chocolat chaud africain before finishing our tour of the museum. We were in the tea room all alone — more on why we were alone in a future post — and we had just ordered. As usual, Kathryn let me do the ordering. I think she likes to hear me speak French, even though my French sucks.

Not unlike Rousseau, enjoying my solitary walks in Paris

The owners of the hotel have been quite friendly. They are an older couple, perhaps age 55 to 65. They don’t speak a single word of English, but I’ve managed to conjure up enough French to get by. They were kind enough to let me use a spare room to leave my luggage until I … Continue reading Not unlike Rousseau, enjoying my solitary walks in Paris

Re-familiarizing myself with the Right Bank of Paris

After resting my jet-lagged body for a few hours, I went out to a local store and stocked up on spring water. Then I did a little exploring. I took the Metro to the Hôtel de Ville stop on rue de Rivoli and walked all the way to the Arc de Triomphe. It was an … Continue reading Re-familiarizing myself with the Right Bank of Paris