Blog changes coming, but not yet

For the past couple months, I’ve been looking into moving my blog entirely off the WordPress platform. I’ve had an enjoyable run with WordPress over the past fourteen years — notwithstanding the issues I had with its managed hosting — but I want to go in a direction that would be challenging to implement with … Continue reading Blog changes coming, but not yet

Blog migration successful

If you received a notification of this blog post by e-mail, or if you found it in your WordPress app or reader, then your subscription was successfully migrated to the new blog platform. You needn’t take any further action, unless you’re seeing multiple notifications and want to clean them up. From my side, there’s still … Continue reading Blog migration successful

Bags packed, ready to go

Kathryn and I were up and at ’em early this morning to start our long trip from Phoenix to Montpellier, although compared to our normal weekday schedules, it was like we slept in. Even after a couple leisurely cups of coffee, we finished our last minute chores way ahead of schedule. We’ll leave for the … Continue reading Bags packed, ready to go

Blog comments weren’t working correctly because I misconfigured Jetpack

A couple months ago, I added Jetpack to my self-hosted WordPress site. Installing Jetpack took what had previously been a standalone blog and tied it into the greater WordPress community. I’m pleased with how it turned out. This blog has gained some new followers, and at the same time I’ve discovered new blogs as well. … Continue reading Blog comments weren’t working correctly because I misconfigured Jetpack

Creating a account without creating a new blog

Some of you have noticed the Like button that now appears beneath all my blog posts. It’s the result of an integration with that I installed and configured on AF7KQ last week. If you click on the Like button and your browser is not already signed into, you’ll see a pop-up Log in … Continue reading Creating a account without creating a new blog

Bucket list

For what it’s worth, I’d be okay not to see another bucket list ever. It’s probably the most tired, overused travel blogging meme out there. I mean, how many 20-somethings are really expecting to die soon enough to need a bucket list?

Travel bloggers and freebies

I’ve been noticing a proliferation of travel blog posts that are outright bought and paid for by vendors. In and of itself, I don’t have a problem with that, assuming the proper disclosure. What does bother me is the shameful extent to which bloggers are eager to deny the transaction that took place, even going so far as to disclaim their own disclosures.