Mother’s Day recognition

My mom and dad took a Mediterranean cruise about this time last year, to honor their 40 years of marriage. After an enjoyable and most uneventful cruise, my mom fell quite sick on the last day of the trip. They had to extend their stay a week, with my mom spending most of that in a state-run hospital in Civitavecchia, Italy. Recently my mom finished up her own series of blog posts about the trip, so I invite you to let her tell you the rest of the story.

Sightseeing and comfortable weather in Ljubljana, Slovenia

I had a brief but funny moment at the border yesterday. The Croatian border guard opened my passport, flipped through the pages for a moment, and said, “Mr. Gilman, where are you going today?” Answering wasn’t so easy for me. “I can’t pronounce it,” I said. “It’s Loo … Lube …” Then, one of the two beautiful young Slovenian women sharing my compartment laughed and said, “Ljubljana.” I guess the answer was okay. The border guard stamped my passport.

Croatian beer: Ožjusko and Karlovačko

The local beer was generally one of two brands, Ožjusko and Karlovačko. The quality of both was inconsistent, especially when served on tap. A couple times I was poured beer that tasted almost stale, leading me at first to believe the way the bars were storing and serving the beer was the problem, not the beer itself.

After several days, appetite returns in Split, Croatia

I knew my appetite would eventually come back, and it finally did last night. I haven’t really wanted to eat since I was in Poland, so I ended up missing out on Hungarian cuisine altogether, which is almost a crime, given its multitude of influences. All I really ate in Hungary were some light snacks … Continue reading After several days, appetite returns in Split, Croatia

Arriving and finding accommodation in Split, Croatia

I arrived in Split, Croatia, this afternoon. Finding accommodation was not a huge problem, but I did have to turn a room down. A little old lady met passengers coming off the train and offered a room. I’ve had good luck getting rooms this way, so I decided to try again. It was painful to … Continue reading Arriving and finding accommodation in Split, Croatia