Reaching Key West through the aftermath of a hurricane

We’ve reached Key West. I wasn’t sure what to expect about the drive through the Keys so soon after the hurricane. Some of what we saw literally made me gasp. Route 1 had mountains of debris on both sides, some so high the backhoes had to drive up them to remove them. And people were … Continue reading Reaching Key West through the aftermath of a hurricane

Puerto Vallarta: Much ado about nothing

Well, after all the preparations, Hurricane Juvo was a bust. Kathryn got some internet time today to track the storm. It has already passed us and has been downgraded to a tropical depression. The employees of the resort, who just this morning were bracing for the worst, have already brought back the chairs and umbrellas around the pool area, and it looks like dinner service will take place by the ocean as normal.

Puerto Vallarta: Still awaiting Juvo

We’ve been gearing up for Hurricane Juvo since Monday, but it’s taking its sweet time getting here. The latest report is it’ll come ashore as a category-three hurricane much further south in the state of Jalisco, then follow the coast north toward us, probably having weakened to a tropical storm by then.

Puerto Vallarta: Weathering the storm

We knew before we left the States that a hurricane was looming off the Pacific coast, and the forecasts at the end of last week were that the eye would pass over Puerto Vallarta this afternoon. We can’t seem to find a weather report on the television, but folks we’ve talked to seem to think the storm is now tracking south of here.