Counting down the hours in Mexico City

It’s hard to believe, but by the time I publish this post, I’ll have about 72 hours remaining in Mexico City. The time really flew by. As much as I’ve enjoyed my time here, I can’t wait to see Kathryn again. She was visiting her father when I left for Mexico City almost four weeks … Continue reading Counting down the hours in Mexico City


I woke up in the middle of the night last night to the sensation of my bed swaying back and forth. It was quite different from the near-constant vibration of traffic rumbling along the street below. I’ve been trying to determine whether what I felt was an earthquake. Both the U.S. and Mexican authorities report … Continue reading Earthquake?

Cheap beer in Roma, Mexico City

The no-alcohol policy is one of the most surprising rules of the residence where I’m staying in Mexico City. When I arrived and read the house rules, I almost thought they were kidding. After having been here a few days, it appears the other residents at least are taking it seriously, so I’m not going … Continue reading Cheap beer in Roma, Mexico City

First day of Spanish classes in Mexico City

I’m going to skip ahead a bit and give an update on my Spanish class. It is, after all, the main reason I’m here. My commute to class was simply to walk down four flights of stairs, so I left at 8:58 am and arrived a minute early to the 9 am registration. I had … Continue reading First day of Spanish classes in Mexico City

The first few days of the rest of my life

In April 2010, I arrived for my first day of work at a local utility company, ready to begin what was supposed to be a nine-month contract to upgrade a Blackberry app. This past week, nearly ten years later, I finally said goodbye. It was quite a good run, professionally speaking. While it had its … Continue reading The first few days of the rest of my life

If you’ve ever struggled with the gender of French nouns, take heart!

Last Saturday around midday, Kathryn and I were at the zoo here in Montpellier, and we found ourselves looking at the giraffes next to a French couple and their young children. I overheard the father saying to his children, “Les girafes sont beaux!” As soon as the words finished leaving his mouth, the mother corrected … Continue reading If you’ve ever struggled with the gender of French nouns, take heart!

Earlier this week, I became a 47-year-old altar boy

Back around Christmastime, the priests at our parish started running announcements in the weekly bulletin, asking all males of any age to prayerfully consider becoming altar servers. Altar servers were in short supply, particularly for the weekday Masses.

From time to time, I attend the 6:30 am Mass before heading to work, and I’d witnessed the altar server shortage on a number of occasions. In fact, not too long ago, there was no altar server available twice in the same week.

Foreign sources, redux

A couple years ago, I wrote a lengthy blog post challenging my family, friends, and followers to seek out reputable foreign news sources in languages other than English. After yesterday’s circus in Washington, I think it’s more important than ever to repeat my challenge, especially since I haven’t seen any English-language coverage of the spectacle … Continue reading Foreign sources, redux

Feedback from a correspondent about Odyssea in Montpellier

Many of you know I lived in Montpellier, France, for about a year. I loved being there, and I had a great experience studying there. From time to time, I’m asked to provide a reference to prospective students of the school where I studied, and I’m always happy to do so. Last summer, a young woman called me out of the blue, and we spent a half-hour or so on the phone talking about Montpellier.