Old City Hall, an architectural landmark in Richmond, Virginia

I’ve reduced my social media footprint considerably over the past several years, but I do occasionally post photos on Instagram. It makes my wife happy, for some reason. Most photos I post on Instagram have already been published here on this blog, but once in a while I find an exception. For example, this morning I … Continue reading Old City Hall, an architectural landmark in Richmond, Virginia

Virginia State Capitol

Our recent trip to Richmond wasn’t just about French films. We also spent some time sightseeing and making an additional French connection. Here we’re on the lawn of the Virginia State Capitol, which was a short walk from our hotel. The seat of Virginia’s legislature, the building was designed by Thomas Jefferson, who modeled it … Continue reading Virginia State Capitol

Marquee above the Byrd Theatre in the evening

We arrived rather early to our first film at the French Film Festival in Richmond, so we were able to get a photo of the marquee at the Byrd Theatre without a crowd in front of it. The pylons were in place to reserve parking for the shuttle bus carrying the delegation of French filmmakers … Continue reading Marquee above the Byrd Theatre in the evening

Coffee roasting infusion

Most likely our last stop before the airport, we’re at Shockoe Espresso & Roastery solely because they’re roasting beans right now and clouds of delicious-smelling coffee smoke are wafting through the neighborhood. Kathryn is inside buying a half-pound to take home with us. Whoever sits next to us on our flights will be in for … Continue reading Coffee roasting infusion

A peek inside the Byrd Theatre, Richmond

It’s not easy to get a good interior photo of the Byrd Theatre with a mid-tier phone like mine, especially in near darkness. This was the best I could manage. What betrays the age of this place — something you can’t see in photos — is the seating, which is as old as the cinema … Continue reading A peek inside the Byrd Theatre, Richmond

Thus concludes the festival

It seems like we just got here, but we’ve come to the end of the French Film Festival. It was a lot to take in over roughly 72 hours. In numbers, we saw nine feature-length films and two hour-long collections of courts-métrages. The films covered a range of genres including drama, comedy, documentary, and even animated … Continue reading Thus concludes the festival

Brief encounter with Marianne Denicourt at the French Film Festival reception

We attended the reception for the French Film Festival this evening, which afforded us an opportunity, if we so chose, to rub elbows not only with other attendees but also with the delegation of French filmmakers, actors, and technicians who participated here in Richmond. Out of the blue, of all the people present, a notable French … Continue reading Brief encounter with Marianne Denicourt at the French Film Festival reception

The end of a great first full day in Richmond

We’re ​just finishing up a great first full day in Richmond. We slept in this morning and had a late breakfast at the hotel. Kathryn went for a more traditional breakfast of pancakes and eggs, while I switched things up and had sauteed shrimp and grits. Lunch was at a restaurant that our Uber driver … Continue reading The end of a great first full day in Richmond

Nightcap of Legend Brown, first night in Richmond

After last night’s film, we finally got back to the hotel at about 11:30 pm. The hotel lounge apparently closes at 10 pm, and our room doesn’t have a minibar, so we walked down the street to a local Irish pub for a nightcap. I entered the pub fully expecting to order a typical Irish … Continue reading Nightcap of Legend Brown, first night in Richmond

This weekend: French Film Festival in Richmond

In the last ten years, Kathryn and I have traveled with a variety of objectives. Our first trip abroad together was to pick up a new car in Germany. (For the record, I’m still driving it, and it’s running strong with over 150,000 miles.) We once spent a week in California visiting all 21 of … Continue reading This weekend: French Film Festival in Richmond

Richmond, Virginia: Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

When I lived in Richmond, I wasn’t much of a church-goer. In the three years I lived there, I can count the number of times I attended Mass on one hand. Zero. Now, seven years later, attendance at Sunday Mass is part of my life. I don’t intentionally miss it. When planning our recent visit to Richmond, I found the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart has a Mass at 5:15 pm on Saturdays. It was a particularly convenient time, shortly after our arrival in town. It was also within walking distance of our hotel. We had a winner.

Richmond, Virginia: Splurge at the Jefferson Hotel

I looked around a little bit and found out we could get the Jefferson Hotel, a landmark, historic, five-star hotel in the center of Richmond, for $179 a night, if we prepaid. I don’t like prepaying for a hotel, but I decided to jump on this. I’d been to the Jefferson Hotel once for a Christmas party, but never to spend the night.

I usually pack shoelaces

The easiest way to travel light is to limit the amount of footwear I pack. I typically travel with at most two sets of footwear. More often than not, it’s just the one set I’m wearing when I leave the house. This one set of footwear is often a pair of well worn hiking shoes. If any part of such shoes is going to fail, it’s most likely the laces.

Bottoms Up Pizza, a tasteful double entendre in Richmond

Bottoms Up Pizza was one of my regular places to eat when I lived in Richmond, at least in part because it was walking distance from my apartment in the Tobacco Row area. It is located in the Shockoe Bottom neighborhood, hence the name. Indeed, it’s at the very bottom of Shockoe Bottom. A line on the wall near the entrance shows customers how high the flood water rose in the aftermath of Hurricane Gaston in 2004.