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Milestone in ongoing blog migration

— After months of working on-and-off on the transition to a new blog framework, I've finally hit an important milestone. Starting this morning, every post on Gone Away is being generated statically by Hugo — or at least it should be. The only page that should still be generated by WordPress is the home page. When I've finished figuring out exactly how it'll look, I'll migrate it too. For me, the most fun and interesting new feature since my last update is the introduction of the journeys taxonomy.

Blog changes coming, but not yet

— For the past couple months, I’ve been looking into moving my blog entirely off the WordPress platform. I’ve had an enjoyable run with WordPress over the past fourteen years — notwithstanding the issues I had with its managed hosting — but I want to go in a direction that would be challenging to implement with WordPress plugins and themes. Furthermore, the technologies underlying the WordPress platform are firmly rooted in the year 2005.

Bags packed, ready to go

— Kathryn and I were up and at ’em early this morning to start our long trip from Phoenix to Montpellier, although compared to our normal weekday schedules, it was like we slept in. Even after a couple leisurely cups of coffee, we finished our last minute chores way ahead of schedule. We’ll leave for the airport in about two hours, giving Kathryn extra time to say goodbye to the cat. We’ve arranged a petsitter who will be here the entire time we’re gone, so the cat will be well cared for.

Blog comments weren’t working correctly because I misconfigured Jetpack

— A couple months ago, I added Jetpack to my self-hosted WordPress site. Installing Jetpack took what had previously been a standalone blog and tied it into the greater WordPress community. I’m pleased with how it turned out. This blog has gained some new followers, and at the same time I’ve discovered new blogs as well. Win-win! The first sign of any issues with the integration came yesterday, when a fellow blogger replied to a comment I’d left on his blog, letting me know my blog wasn’t accepting his comments.

Creating a WordPress.com account without creating a new blog

— Some of you have noticed the Like button that now appears beneath all my blog posts. It’s the result of an integration with WordPress.com that I installed and configured on AF7KQ last week. If you click on the Like button and your browser is not already signed into WordPress.com, you’ll see a pop-up Log in window. If you don’t have an account and you click the Sign Up link, the page you see makes you think you have to start a new blog.

Travel bloggers and freebies

— I read a lot of travel blogs. There are roughly 60 in my blog reader right now, and I visit others via links from various social networks. However, I myself am not a professional travel blogger. My wife and I travel for our own enjoyment, at our own expense, and sometimes I write about it. I tried allowing advertisements on this blog for a while earlier this year. After seeing a number of less-than-desirable advertisements show up next to my words, I decided it wasn’t worth it to me.