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Follow-up on my car

Follow-up on my car

— Less than ten minutes after hitting the publish button on my earlier post this morning, I got a Signal message from a friend asking about the car. In my effort to be a smart-ass, it didn’t occur to me my blog post might cause concern. So here’s the rest of the story: Friday afternoon, less than a mile from home after attending the Good Friday liturgy, as I rounded a corner at a major intersection, every indicator on my dashboard lit at once and the electrical system became unusable.

Frequently asked questions about our road trip in Europe

— We’ve only been home a few days, but Kathryn and I have already heard a lot of questions about our trip. For the benefit of everyone else, I’ve decided to repeat some of them here, along with their answers. What was the highlight of the trip? It’s been really tough to single out a highlight, since we had such a great time the whole trip. For me, picking up the new car in Germany was a moment I won’t soon forget, and flying a glider in Austria was a truly unexpected surprise, but the trip was really a series of highlights punctuated by sleep.

Long overdue post

— There’s a certain irony to writing a blog. During those times when you have the most to write about, you have the least time to write it. The year 2007 has been, and continues to be, almost unbelievably good to me, and for several months I’ve been maintaining a hand-written list of all the things I want to write about. However, the blog format lends itself to telling stories in a chronological fashion, so as my list grows longer, I feel a certain pressure to write everything or nothing.