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Arizona road trip: Tonto Natural Bridge, Strawberry, Jerome

Arizona road trip: Tonto Natural Bridge, Strawberry, Jerome

— I had a chance Sunday to get out of town for several hours and enjoy some parts of Arizona I hadn’t ever seen before. The weather was warm and the sky was clear. It was a perfect day for an Arizona road trip. The morning started out great. My travel companion arrived at my place around 9 am with breakfast burritos from Filiberto’s, which I’d never had before. They are basically scrambled eggs, breakfast meat, potatoes and cheese, wrapped in flour tortillas.

Preparing for my summer fun in Europe

— In my recent posts, I’ve hinted I’m doing some traveling this summer. I won’t leave you in the dark any longer. In the next couple weeks, I’m leaving for a month-and-a-half-long backpacking trip through Europe. Yes, Europe again. Yes, I have the bug, and I have it bad. On my way to Europe, I’m spending a few nights in Iceland, which I’ve been wanting to see for years. There’s 24-hour daylight there this time of year, and I’m very curious to experience it, as well as taking part in Reykjavik’s infamous nightlife.