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Starting the trip off right, sort of, with donuts and coffee

— In some sense, our four-day weekend to Kentucky has already begun. We’ve left the house, but we both still have to put in a half-day at work. Since I can literally see Sky Harbor Airport from my cubicle — if I’m standing up, that is — it doesn’t make much sense to return home before our flight. To avoid using both cars when we’re traveling to the same destination, Kathryn dropped me off at a donut shop near a light rail station near her place of work.
And so it begins

And so it begins

— Almost every Friday I have two donuts for breakfast. It’s not a particularly healthy way to start the day, and that’s why I limit myself to once a week. Usually. Last week, at my favorite donut shop, my usual no. 1 — two donuts and a medium coffee — was $2.69 plus tax, which leaves me a bit of change from three dollars. This morning, I ordered the usual, had my three one-dollar bills ready when I got to the register, and was a bit shocked when the woman who’s been ringing up my orders for years said, “$3.