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After the ferry from Uruguay, first morning in Buenos Aires

After the ferry from Uruguay, first morning in Buenos Aires

— We’ve just finished a long breakfast at our hotel in Buenos Aires. The ferry from Colonia del Sacramento was a much smaller vessel than I expected. Luckily I didn’t get seasick; I’ve had issues in the past, though usually on slower moving boats. The arrival at the port yesterday afternoon was a bit aggravating. Buenos Aires is a metropolis, and I expected to arrive in a facility with ATMs, exchange desks, and so on.

An afternoon of anticipation walking around Paris

— Anticipation was the key word of the afternoon. After waiting for over an hour at Angelina’s, I realized that I either had the wrong place or Kirsten was not coming. I decided therefore to find her hotel, Hôtel MacMahon, suspecting that she might eventually end up there. To find the hotel I bought a good map of Paris and left the rest up to my feet. I was disappointed when I got there to find out that Kirsten had not even checked in yet.

Early morning arrival at Charles de Gaulle, Paris

— I arrived in Paris early this morning at Charles de Gaulle airport to find a temperature in the low 70’s, drizzling rain, and overcast skies. Passport control would have been a snap, but I filled out my tourist card with the point of disembarkation rather than the point of embarkation. Two of my biggest fears were squelched upon arrival: getting transportation from the airport to the city, and finding a cheap place to spend the night.