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The prettiest pint of Guinness ever at the Guinness Storehouse

The prettiest pint of Guinness ever at the Guinness Storehouse

— So, in what I imagine will be the last of my alcohol-related blog entries, at least for this trip, I toured the Guinness Storehouse here in Dublin today. I won’t elaborate much about this tour. Much like the Heineken tour in Amsterdam, it was disappointing that we were in a visitor center, not in a real, working brewery. Their attempt at social responsibility, an exhibit dedicated to alcohol-related social and health issues, seemed entirely out of place.

Another quick update from Ireland

— I’m sure someone I know is waking up this morning, turning on CNN, and hearing about violence in Northern Ireland. I didn’t hear about it until an hour or so ago myself, so it hasn’t affected me, other than increased traffic. Police with machine guns were checking cars on the bridge in Derry, and I didn’t know why until later. In any event, I’m now back in the Republic of Ireland, where I had already planned to spend my time before heading back to the chaos in London.

Preparing for my summer fun in Europe

— In my recent posts, I’ve hinted I’m doing some traveling this summer. I won’t leave you in the dark any longer. In the next couple weeks, I’m leaving for a month-and-a-half-long backpacking trip through Europe. Yes, Europe again. Yes, I have the bug, and I have it bad. On my way to Europe, I’m spending a few nights in Iceland, which I’ve been wanting to see for years. There’s 24-hour daylight there this time of year, and I’m very curious to experience it, as well as taking part in Reykjavik’s infamous nightlife.