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Blog changes coming, but not yet

— For the past couple months, I’ve been looking into moving my blog entirely off the WordPress platform. I’ve had an enjoyable run with WordPress over the past fourteen years — notwithstanding the issues I had with its managed hosting — but I want to go in a direction that would be challenging to implement with WordPress plugins and themes. Furthermore, the technologies underlying the WordPress platform are firmly rooted in the year 2005.

This morning I installed a major upgrade of WordPress

— This morning, instead of going to the gym — which probably would have been much healthier for me — I decided to install a major upgrade of WordPress, the open-source software that makes this blog run. So far, the upgrade itself appears to have gone off without a hitch. I made backups just in case, of course. From the reader’s perspective, there shouldn’t appear to be any significant changes. I’m continuing to use the same parent theme, although it did receive a minor upgrade.

Blog comments weren’t working correctly because I misconfigured Jetpack

— A couple months ago, I added Jetpack to my self-hosted WordPress site. Installing Jetpack took what had previously been a standalone blog and tied it into the greater WordPress community. I’m pleased with how it turned out. This blog has gained some new followers, and at the same time I’ve discovered new blogs as well. Win-win! The first sign of any issues with the integration came yesterday, when a fellow blogger replied to a comment I’d left on his blog, letting me know my blog wasn’t accepting his comments.

Creating a WordPress.com account without creating a new blog

— Some of you have noticed the Like button that now appears beneath all my blog posts. It’s the result of an integration with WordPress.com that I installed and configured on AF7KQ last week. If you click on the Like button and your browser is not already signed into WordPress.com, you’ll see a pop-up Log in window. If you don’t have an account and you click the Sign Up link, the page you see makes you think you have to start a new blog.

WordPress migration to Amazon EC2 complete

— During the day Saturday, I spent a few more hours off-and-on continuing the migration of this self-hosted WordPress blog to Amazon EC2. By dinner time, I was able to throw the switch, so to speak, reassociating the af7kq.com domain name with its new name servers. Because of the way name servers cache lookups, it would be several more hours before the change propagated across the internet, but by Sunday morning the new host appeared to be picking up all requests.

Recent backfill projects

— I recently completed several backfill projects, moving over 200 posts from my old travel blog and other sources into this blog. The Pilgrimito posts The biggest project was migrating over 180 of my old Pilgrimito posts. Moving the posts from one WordPress blog to another wasn’t particularly difficult, but redirecting the old links to the new ones required me to write a short program. I used the project as an opportunity to learn some programming tools that were new to me — specifically, using the Xamarin platform to write a C# console application on my Mac — so that was a bonus.