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3:10 to Yuma: Does someone at American Airlines have a sense of humor?

— I just got a text from a friend who’s waiting for a connecting flight at Sky Harbor Airport here in Phoenix. The flight he’s waiting for is — I’m not kidding — the 3:10 to Yuma. Even though I’ve never read the short story nor seen either of the film adaptions, the reference wasn’t lost on me. It seems someone at American Airlines might have a sense of humor. Furthermore, in case you’re tempted to think the 3:10 departure time to Yuma is merely a coincidence, they went ahead and numbered the flight 3100 too.

My customary airport rant has been canceled for lack of outrage

— This is the point in my travels where I usually go on a rant about the TSA. Today, I can’t. Every TSA agent I interacted with today was pleasant, courteous, and professional. I’ve heard and read a number of horror stories about checking in firearms at the airport, concerning both the airlines and TSA. This was my first time, so I prepared myself for the worst. I didn’t have a problem from either American Airlines or TSA.

Purchasing a first-class upgrade comes with a catch

— For the first time in six-and-a-half years, we were offered a reasonably priced upgrade at check-in today. However, unbeknownst to me, what used to be known as a first-class lounge is now a private club. Apparently they would have let us in if we’d had an international first-class ticket, which had been the case with our upgrades in the past. The clerk at the front desk was somewhat polite as she sent us back to integrate with the riff-raff, but if we want drinks before takeoff, we’re going to have to pay for them.

Credit where due at Sky Harbor, particularly to TSA

— We’re at the airport in Phoenix, and it’s time to give some credit where it’s due. First, when we arrived at the self check-in kiosk, we got a message telling us we were misconnected at Salt Lake City. The Delta personnel who resolved the situation were patient and friendly. After having the agent check several alternate routes, we’re back on the same route with a shorter-than-normal layover. Apparently the minimum is supposed to be 30 minutes; we’ll have 27.

Waiting on an arrival at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Terminal 4

— I’m at Sky Harbor for a little while this afternoon, waiting to pick up my aunt arriving from New England. Terminal 4 has seen some vast improvements in its food selection over the past several years, but I’m seldom here long enough to enjoy them. Many of the national chains have been replaced by local vendors, and the overall quality of the offerings has increased as a result. However, a number of the new restaurants seem to be fighting for the pretentious armchair foodie demographic, and that’s disappointing for a guy who just wants a coffee and a muffin after eight hours in the salt mines.