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Prada Marfa is not a Prada and not in Marfa

Prada Marfa is not a Prada and not in Marfa

— One of the objects most photographed by visitors to Marfa, Texas, is Prada Marfa. Intriguingly, Prada Marfa is not a Prada store, nor is it anywhere near Marfa. Erected in 2005, Prada Marfa is a modern art installation along U.S. Route 90 a few miles northwest of Valentine, Texas, making it about 40 miles away from Marfa. It was apparently built of some biodegradable adobe-like substance that would slowly return to the earth, thus providing a critique on the nature of contemporary materialism.
Yes, I was at the ZeroHedge symposium in Marfa, Texas

Yes, I was at the ZeroHedge symposium in Marfa, Texas

— I figure it’s about time to admit where I was three weekends ago. Long story short, I drove to Marfa, Texas for a gathering of ZeroHedge readers. I’ve been reading ZeroHedge regularly for over five years. Honestly, I still have trouble describing the site, but maybe the following example will help: Every month, when new employment numbers come out, I can turn on almost any television news network or read almost any financial website and have sunshine blown up my ass about how the unemployment rate has fallen for the umpteenth month in a row.

Alone in a strange place, wondering if I’m crazy

— Thursday morning last week, I woke up alone in a two-star hotel by the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere. The hotel was at least superficially aspiring to a third star, but a fresh carpet, a thin coat of paint, and a waffle iron can only hide so much. Its two-star standing was further betrayed by the fact that the previous night’s manager couldn’t tell me the closest cold beer was in a lounge a few hundred yards away.

Brief update from wherever I am

— As a brief update to my friends and family, so far this undisclosed event I’m attending has exceeded my expectations. I’ve heard from four speakers today who expressed some rather non-conventional ideas, and I’ve learned a ton. Then, by chance, I ended up sharing drinks with two of the speakers and their spouses at a local watering hole, and even got some pertinent business advice. It was a great first day here, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Rise and shine, a gorgeous Friday morning

— It’s a gorgeous Friday morning where I am. I slept rather well. It’s at least 30 degrees cooler — by the way, that’s degrees Fahrenheit for those of you who aren’t ‘Murican — than when I set up camp yesterday afternoon. Much like Tom Brady’s balls, scientific laws explain why my air mattress felt somewhat deflated when I woke up today. Out of courtesy to nearby sleeping campers, I’m going to wait a while before breaking out the air pump, which is quite loud.

Leaving the comfort zone for a mystery road trip

— For the next several days, I’m stepping way, way out of my comfort zone. I’ve left on a solo road trip that I’m being deliberately vague about. Back in January, a frequent commenter on a blog I’ve been reading for over five years suggested a get-together for the community. I’ve seen such suggestions before, but they usually involve finding an out-of-the-way bar an having a few drinks. It may sound great, but I’m not going to Delaware or wherever just for an evening.